5 Reasons for Sciatica

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The 5 Most Dangerous Trends for Back Pain Treatment.

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Responding to symptoms, instead of treating the underlying problem simply prolongs your agony.




Back Pain | Sciatica

5 Causes of Sciatica - Video

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What most patients don’t understand is that sciatica is the name of a symptom.  Sciatica can be defined as pain down the leg or numbness down the leg.  The key to treating sciatica is to identify the cause.  There are 5 causes of sciatica and when your treatment matches your cause you will get  improvement.



Back Pain | Sciatica

Treatment for Herniated Discs In Neck and Low Back - Avoids Surgery


A 55 year old male patient with Neck and Low Back Herniated Discs and Sciatica, Treatment Case Report.



Back Pain | Sciatica

Herniated Disc and Sciatica Treatment Case Report.


Part of my objective is to help patients understand you do not have to live with your pain any longer. I will be writing weekly about patients that have been suffering and were able to eliminate their pain at the Illinois Back Institute. My goal is to give you a brighter futureand help live pain free.



Back Pain | Sciatica

Michael Smith's Herniated Disc and Sciatica Treatment Case Report


Michael Smith Case Study

Watch our lasest case report on Michael was a patient at the Illinois back Institute and began treatment in Feb of 2014. Dr. Jeff created a case study report for Michael and his treatment he received at the clinic. The case study explains Michael background of his condition and treatments he tried before coming to the Illinois Back Institute. Dr. Jeff will go into Michael condition and how he was able to discover the root of his condition in order to come up with a customize treatment plan for Michael. Dr. Jeff discusses his treatment plan for Michael and most importantly his outcome after being treated at the Illinois Back Institute. Click on the video above to hear Dr. Jeff discuss and explain Michael Case Study and how the Illinois Back Institute saved Michael from surgery. Michael was able to get life back after treatment!



Back Pain | Sciatica

Sciatica and Herniated Disc Treatment Case Report


Michael Smith is a 38 year old male. Michael entered our clinic in Feb of 2014 and he stated his back and leg pain started in 2009. Before coming into our clinic he had years of treatment at a spinal rehab center which resulted in his pain getting a little better. Eventually in Jan 2014 his pain got worse; it was at that time that he decided to consult with the Illinois Back Institute (IBI).



Back Pain | Sciatica

12 of the Worst Habits That Will Hurt Your Back

back pain

Believe it or not, back pain is the second most common complaint that doctors hear, second only to the common cold. When you hurt your back finding relief can be difficult. Back pain is also a common cause of hospitilization and surgery, tooBack pain isn't just annoying. 56% of people who complain of back pain, specifically lower back pain, report that it interferes with their daily life, or makes their daily routine more difficult to complain. Respondents to a recent survey suggest that lower back pain interferes with their sleep as well as their sex life, and it is a common cause of change in routines.



Back Pain | Sciatica

Natural Treatment Relief for Sciatica Back Pain

sciatic nerve

Sciatica pain can happen when you suffer from a problem with a compressed disc or a vertebra which is out of position. When you suffer from sciatica pain you may feel a burning sensation, or even tingling. Sometimes the pain can be severe and hinder you from going about your daily business. The pain can be isolated to a smaller area or it can travel down your leg, possibly all the way to your toes. When the pain comes on it can be hard to find a comfortable position and it can interfere with many areas of your life including work and sleep. Luckily, there are some things you can do to get relief from the pain. Here are some ideas to help you with natural treatment relief for sciatica back pain:



Back Pain | Sciatica

6 Options You Need to Know for Herniated Disc Treatment

herniated disc, back pain

6 Options You Need to Know for Herniated Disc Treatment!

I get the question asked of me often……. “I have a herniated disc what do I need to do?”

  Well the goal is to try to eliminate the herniated disc and stop the severe pain that is interfering with you living your life.  When you are diagnosed with a herntated disc there is a typical process that you will go through and you may find yourself on this path. It’s important to know what these steps are so you can make the best decisions about you future. One wrong step can lead to back pain that can change your life forever. This path can be a slippery slope so awareness is vital.



Back Pain | Sciatica

Best 6 Stretches for Upper Back Pain

upper back pain

As most desk workers know, poor posture and long hours spent hunched over a keyboard can lead to back problems. Many of these problems will be localized in the upper back, specifically around the neck and shoulder areas. A regimen of stretching can help to relax the muscles and ease soreness. Those who suffer from upper back problems should consider the following stretches:



Back Pain | Sciatica
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