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How we treat your back pain.

How to treat your back problems that are causing your pains.

I get these 2 question all the time..... "How do you treat the spine, and why do patients get better with your treatment when  all other treatments they tried have failed?"   The Video below has a great explanation of how we do what we do... Click to watch it. 



Back Pain | Sciatica

Dan Hampton, Kevin Butler, and Steve "Mongo" McMicheal talk about their back pain treatments. (Video)

dr jeff buthed

The 85 Champs played harder then any team has played football, and their spines payed the prices.  Hear the stories of the former NFL greats and what they did to eliminate their back pain. They suffered for years with back pain, neck pain, herniated disc and even sciatica.  They had tried surgeries and were no better off, in some cases they were worse.  



Back Pain | Sciatica

Video Tips To Help You While Standing and Cooking Your Thanksgiving Dinner.

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Standing on your feet for long periods of time while cooking can be a real pain in the back. These tips will help position your cooking environment and your spine in positions that will help you cook pain free.  This video features Chef Bryan Fowler and Dr Jeff D.C.........



Back Pain | Sciatica

How To Avoid Back Pain This Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving can be a stressful time for your back.  There are very specific things you need to be aware of that can cause your back pains to get worse.  These simple steps will help you avoid the activities that will cause yo the most trouble.



Back Pain | Sciatica

After Failed Back Surgery Don Finds Relief With Our Non-Surgical Treatment.

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Don suffered with back pain for almost 30 years.  He tried cortisone injections and didn't get any better.  He eventually wound up in an office of a surgeon. His pain was so bad he couldn't take it so he decided to get surgery.



Back Pain | Sciatica

How We Treat Back Pain. (Video)

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I get the question often from people suffering from back pain.... "How do you treat Back Pain, and why is your program so much better?" 



Back Pain | Sciatica

Dan Hampton Explains in This Video How to Eliminate Your Back Pain.

Hampton and dr Jeff

Dan Hampton and the team at the Illinois Back Institute explain how to eliminate your back pain. In this Half hour show you will learn the science behind the techniques used at the Illinois Back Institute.  Tips on things you can do at home to help eliminate your pain. We will also talk about foods that are good for your back.  



Back Pain | Sciatica

After 2 years of suffering with back pain and sciatica, a 27 year old male finds a solution. Case Study #112

bulging disc

With each case study my goal is to offer a better understanding of back pain.  There are lessons in each case that will help you.  This week’s case has some great lessons because the patient had a severe problem that responded well with our program.



Back Pain | Sciatica

High-school athlete sidelined with degenerated discs, finds relief with our treatment. Case report #104


My objective for writing and sharing case reports is to educate you about what causes back pain and how to properly treat different conditions.  My goal is to help you better understand back pain so you can make better decisions. The more you know the better your chances of eliminating your back troubles. There is lots of confusion about what causes back pain and how to treat it and my desire is to set it straight.



Back Pain | Sciatica

If you have back pain, asking the right questions will help you find a way out!

Find out

If you don't know... I had back pain so bad that everyday was a struggle.  I was not getting better and spent my days trying to find a way out.  I never stopped asking questions, and I eventually found a way out.  If you have back pain.... don't stop questioning.  We have a way out, that doesn't involve any drugs or surgery.  To see more about my story click here!



Back Pain | Sciatica
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