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Causes of Back Pain in Children and Teens

kids health

Back pain is perhaps the most common medical complaint among adults today.  However, did you know that children and teens often suffer with back pain problems, as well?  The causes are numerous, ranging from obesity to overloaded backpacks.  The treatments are almost as numerous as the causes, with everyone in the medical field having a different opinion regarding how to correct the problem.  What is really the cause, and what is the safest way to address this issue?



Back Pain | Sciatica

National Stress Awareness Day: Your Back and the Effects of Stress

effects of stress

There’s no way to get through the day without experiencing some amount of stress.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, a certain amount of stress can be good for you and your body.  When the effects of stress begin to interfere with normal function, that is when something should be done immediately.

The effects of stress can manifest in more than emotional discomfort.  Over time, excessive amounts of stress will have a negative impact on every part of the body.  This includes the back.  

Stress as a Contributor to Back Pain:

There is more than one way for stress to be connected with back pain.  When an individual is under a great deal of pressure at home or at work, the back muscles may become extremely tense.  This means that as the muscles along the spinal column contract, additional pressure is exerted on the lower back.  At the same time, the effects of stress may be causing the muscles in the neck to tense.  The result is a nagging pain that seems to run from the base of the neck all the way to the bottom of the spine.

In this particular scenario, easing the muscle tension is the only way to alleviate the back pain.  Some release can be obtained by applying heat or cold to the back and neck muscles.  In severe cases, a physician may recommend muscle relaxers.  These should be viewed as ways to treat the symptoms but not the underlying cause.  Over the long run, the focus should be on finding ways to reduce the level of stress that the patient experiences.



Back Pain | Sciatica

Why is Walking Backwards Good for Lower Back Pain?

lower back pain

When your lower back pain just won't let go, you will try almost anything to ease the ache. By now, doctors and scientists say just sitting and waiting for the pain to go away is the wrong approach. Heat, massage, and gentle exercise seem to be better suited for treating this somewhat common and frustrating situation. 



Back Pain | Sciatica

Sciatica Stretches #10 Calf Stretch

sciatica stretches

Your #10 Sciatica Stretch is the Calf Stretch. The sciatic nerve is about the width of one’s thumb and travels from the lower spine all the way to the foot. Sciatica pain can cause calf soreness or even numbness. The calf stretch can bring relief to pain that is present in the calf. 



Back Pain | Sciatica

Get Relief from Golf Back Pain with Stretches and Exercises

sports injury

One of the biggest complaints golfers have is that they suffer from low back pain while they are golfing. Many think there is nothing they can do and they need to accept the golf back pain they feel and just try to play through it. If you are a golfer who suffers with golf back pain, you will be glad to know there is something you can do to significantly reduce or even totally prevent low back pain while you golf. You may be experiencing low back pain for a number of reasons, with some of them being weak muscles, bad golfing posture, and muscle inflexibility. By improving on your mobility, strength, and stability you will see improvement in the way you feel when you golf.



Back Pain | Sciatica

How to Prevent A Herniated Disc

herniated disc

Learning how to prevent a herniated disc is important as you age, especially if you are involved in activities like weight lifting or you must lift heavy objects as part of your job. Being health conscious and taking precautionary steps to prevent injury will help you reduce your risk of a back sprain, strain or slipped disc.



Back Pain | Sciatica

Hamstring Stretches for Back Pain Relief

hamstring stretch

It may surprise you to learn that back pain often results from other parts of the body, such as the hamstrings for example. Adequately stretching your hamstrings is an important part of keeping the back strong and should be incorporated in any back stretches you are already doing. Stretching your hamstrings on a regular basis is imperative if you want to keep your back and legs healthy for a good long time. Here are some must-do hamstring stretches for optimum health.



Back Pain | Sciatica

Celebrate World Health Day with a Healthy Back

Healthy Spine

It is easy to forget the important role that your back plays in motion until you start having problems. Because your spine is connected to areas throughout your body, back problems have the potential to cause a wide range of problems. There are some basic things that can help you to maintain a healthy back and limit complications in other parts of your body.



Back Pain | Sciatica

Best Stretches for Degenerative Disc Disease

degenerative disc disease

Degenerative disc disease refers to the changes in your spinal discs as you age. Spinal discs are soft, compressible discs that separate the interlocking bones or vertebrae of the spine. Discs are like shock absorbers for the spine and allow for flexing, bending and twisting. As we age, spinal discs can break down. Below are several stretches recommended for helping ease the discomfort caused by degenerative disc disease. Stretching helps fortify the back and strengthen the core muscles. This helps relieve stress from your spine from carrying weight and also has the added benefit of increasing blood flow to the discs. The increase in blood flow and stress relief helps stimulate the restoration process.



Back Pain | Sciatica

Happy MLB Opening Week! Tips to Avoiding Back Pain At Sporting Events

back pain tips

Happy MLB opening week sport fans! Good luck to the Chicago White Sox and Cubs as they kick off the 2014 baseball season! Make it your goal to not only have a winning season but a pain free season! If you suffer from back pain and plan on attending numerous Cubs and White Sox games it’s important to keep the following tips in mind. The problem is that stadium seats and bleachers are not very comfortable or supportive for your back. Especially bleacher seats since they have no back support whatsoever. 



Back Pain | Sciatica
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