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Did Tiger Woods Win the Arnold Palmer Invitational Suffering With Back Pain?


Back pain can come from injuries in other areas of your body. (We call this the KINETIC CHAIN) One of the biggest contributors to back pain that I see in our clinics is problems starting in the knees. As most people know, recently Tiger Woods underwent a major knee surgery. The result was Tiger walking with a limp, what we call a modified gait pattern. This was most notable right after the surgery. It is very common that after this type of surgery you can develop some form of back pain.

I have seen Tiger play live on several occasions over the last couple of years. Most recently I saw him playing on Sunday at Bay Hill. I have spent the last 15 years of my life observing movement patterns, and I noticed Tiger was still limping a bit. (it is very subtle) I also noticed that on several occasions on the greens when he was waiting for Zach Johnson and Sean O'Hair to putt, he was doing a lot of twisting trying to loosen up his back. This behavior is definitely something that I had not noticed in the past. He was stretching similar to what Fred Couples does when he is trying to loosen up his notoriously bad back.

The one thing about Tiger is with or without a severe problem, he is going to win. Does he have back pain? I don't think it matters. He is still Tiger. I don't know if he has Back pain but I do know that his surgery to his knee pre disposes him to immediate and future possibilities of back pain. The important lesson here is that if you have had problems with your knees in the past or in the present, there is a good chance it will affect your back. Have it checked out so you can prevent future problems that may have a dramatic effect on your life. Although I do know he is in good hands I have worked professionally with some of his Physical Therapist. They know what they are doing so if he does have back pain it shouldn't last too long.

We stood on the side of the 18 fairway on that Sunday with the sun slowly setting and watched one of the greatest sports moments I have attended. I was a very surreal event as he hit that putt and the crowd exploded. Tiger is at his best with or without back pain!




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