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9 Herniated Disc & Spinal Stenosis Treatment – Katie Smith


Katie Smith came into the Illinois Back Institute suffering from 9 herniated discs that went from her skull all the way to her tailbone. Also with those herniated discs she had stenosis and spurring in her spine. About 16 years ago Katie hurt her back at work trying to move a couch. She felt just a little twinge in her back and pain progressively worsened over night. By the morning Katie couldn’t even move and had to go to the emergency room. After that the doctors put Katie into tradition therapy. For 2 years Katie did the traditional therapy, which helped her to get back on her feet, and strengthened her muscles. For those 2 years she couldn’t walk without assistance. She was still dealing with pain everyday and she needed a change. Her doctors suggested surgery but after seeing a commercial for the Illinois Back Institute she decided to give it a try.

Katie came into the Illinois Back Institute about 12 months ago and started therapy on her cervical and lumbar spine. Her starting pain level was at a 9 or 10. She couldn’t walk without being in pain. From day one she felt relief. The therapy was so helpful that she decided to recently start up therapy again to help strengthen her spine more. “It’s been my saving grace!” said Katie about the Illinois Back Institute.



Katie hasn’t finished her therapy yet but her pain level is at a 1 or 2. Katie said, “I believe now that I won’t need surgery!” Katie was given the tools and exercises to do at home to keep her condition progressing forward. She is finally getting back out there and living her life. Before Katie’s pain restricted her to staying home. Last week for the first time she was able to go out with her friends. She is getting back to going to church. Katie is very excited to get back to living a normal life without pain!

      • “Don’t wait! Do it now! Don’t just sit home in pain. It’s worth it. It’s very much worth it. The first time that you have therapy and you leave out feeling absolutely fabulous that day and that can last!” Said Katie Smith



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Posted @ Tuesday, May 21, 2013 1:32 PM by Tom Jones
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